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No Legs

Collection 2022

This bench is made in a limited edition of 15 pieces, with each bench being different from the others. Using traditional techniques, each surface is accentuated by its details and quarter-sawn inlays. 


At the base of the bench, we find a repetition of the legs. 

Where one leg succeeds another, the distance between successive legs also increases. By using 2 solid and dark legs at one end of the bench, the continuity is broken from the much lighter and narrower legs. 


Each bench can be customized to the customer's wishes, this can range from more patterns or more inlaid pieces. The dimensions of the bench, the number of legs and the material are a fixed feature and therefore cannot be changed (Except height and width)


Dimensions - - 2200*380*420 mm 

Material - - Cherrywood - Walnut

Price - - €1650 incl. VAT

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