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Piédestal One

Ongoing Collection

With its dimensions of 1200x400mm, Piédestal one stands as the largest and most versatile piece in the current range. Its substantial height and adaptable design enable it to serve multiple functions within its designated space. Whether presenting an exquisite object or functioning as an elegant reception centerpiece, this pedestal offers a seamless blend of form and utility. The ability to dismantle and reassemble the platform and spheres grants Piédestal || the flexibility to transform its appearance, catering to the changing needs and aesthetics of any environment it graces.

Piédestal one not only showcases the studio's exceptional craftsmanship but also invites users to engage with the piece, providing them with a dynamic and interactive experience. Its generous dimensions enhance its presence, making it a striking addition to any setting, while its capacity to adapt ensures that it will remain a timeless and evolving part of the Piédestal collection.

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