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Piédestal Collection

Ongoing Collection

The Piédestal collection is a captivating ensemble of pedestals, each meticulously designed to embody its own unique identity through innovative woodworking techniques and functional versatility. These sculptural pieces not only serve as elegant displays but also offer a delightful element of interactivity, allowing customers to unscrew and rearrange them to craft their preferred appearance, fostering a sense of engagement and playfulness.


At the heart of this collection lies the desire to ignite a passion for wood and craftsmanship, encouraging individuals to immerse themselves in the diverse world of different wood types. As the collection evolves, it opens up possibilities for expansion with additional shapes and forms, empowering customers to assemble their personalized sculptures or furniture in the future. Embracing the concept of an ongoing collection, Piédestal embodies the studio's profound love for furniture and objects, inspiring people to explore, appreciate, and connect with the timeless beauty and artistic expression of woodworking.

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Piédestal 1

Piédestal 2

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