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Project 2023

Ongoing Collection

Piédestal is a collection of different types of pedestals.
Each Piédestal is designed with the aim of creating its own identity in the concept of function and different woodworking techniques.
Within the sculptural fact of the pedestals, we felt that functionality was also a very important fact. By unscrewing the pedestals and stacking them back in a different way, the customer can decide what the appearance of the pedestal will be. 

With this collection, we want to encourage more people to play, enjoy and get more in touch with different types of wood. This could be by adding more and different shapes to the collection, but also by possibly in the future allowing customers to compose their own sculpture or furniture. The Piédestal is therefore seen as an ongoing collection.


Piédestal |  

This Piédestal is the largest of the current range. Due to the height and different possibilities of this pedestal, its function also varies greatly within the location in which it is located. The function can be both presenting an object and using the pedestal within the appearance of a reception. Piédestal || can change its appearance by dismantling and reassembling the platform and the spheres. 



Piédestal || 

In turn, this Piédestal is seen within a single function and that is to display objects or objects. For this plinth, we chose to have a dark layer, in this case walnut, connect the base and the "pedestal". We then let the dark wood recur on top of the sphere in combination with the wood located in the base.  


500x350 mm

Piédestal |||  


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