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Immerse yourself in the heart of this design, where vibes are born from an epic blend of textures and materials. Picture a cherry top showing off intricate gouges, perfectly vibing with two slats made from the coolest pear tree wood. The result? A piece that not only slays in looks but also brings serious structural game. If these unique plateaus are calling your name, check them out in our webshop – your style, your way. But hey, if you're dreaming big and want a supersized version, hit us up directly. Our craft wizards are ready to collab, turning your vision into a next-level masterpiece. 🚀✨


80,00 €Prijs
incl.Btw |
  • Dimensions


  • Customise

    Can be adapted to your needs.
    Bigger, smaller or even other types of wood, contact us.

  • Shipping within 2 weeks

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